Recipe Challenge: Picking it up again!

In 2017 a friend and I set ourselves a recipe challenge to be completed by 2020. In 2018 I nearly forgot all about it, but I am now staring at the looming finish line and am keen to pick it up again. I have completed two out of 27 categories, so in order to complete it I will need to address one category every two weeks. Eek!

Oh, except one category is to make one dish from each region of Spain... Well, that might take some effort as well! And paella is a separate category!

And so, at the beginning of the year, I sat down and reviewed the categories to begin thinking about what recipes I might like to try, and what time of year might be good to try each of them. Summer might be a good time to try a salad, or any recipe which needs summer fruits, for example.

I will need some help finding recipes, so if you have a favourite recipe which you think matches one of my categories, please let me know! Especially if you have a simple recipe from any region of Spain - preferably in English, bu…

2018 Personal Reading Challenge: The Conclusion

When I wrote at the halfway point, I was less than halfway through two out of three categories, and had admitted defeat in the third category - at least for 2018.

What has happened in the second half of 2018?

AdvenTea Days 22-24: I don't want this to end!

Day 22

Brown paper package tied up with string, tea is one of my favourite things!

Melbourne Breakfast, T2 - and a Caramello Koala!

I considered waiting for breakfast... but didn't! I also thought about drinking it black...

But I didn't!
A nice cup of tea. Nothing surprising in the scent or the flavour. Just a good cup of tea. I'd be happy to drink it again, but won't rush out to buy it, as there are other black teas I enjoy more, savour more, and seek out.

Day 23

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Delicate Green, Jasmine & Pear, Madame Flavour

An unusual floral scent for a tea, Jasmine, and I wasn't sure what to expect from the taste. A light, green/yellow colour.
Jasmine was the dominant flavour as well as dominating the scent. I didn't taste pear at all.
This is the first tea I really haven't liked, and which I couldn't finish drinking. Which is very sad! But, on the plus side, that means there have been a LOT of new teas which I hav…

AdvenTea Days 19-21: Time for a mix up!

Day 19

A tea cup!

Southern Sunrise, T2

A very fruity smell to the teabag, and the scent persisted with the cup of tea. A lovely, light scent. I'm trying to figure out what the ingredients might be, knowing I am unlikely to identify them all. It looks like there might be pieces of dried fruit, possibly apple, in the teabag. Something from the citrus family, although probably not lemon.

I would not be surprised to find some less common fruits, like passionfruit or mango, in the mix. But I honestly have no idea what else might be in this tea!

I did not add sugar or honey, and once I tasted it, I knew it wouldn't need it at all. A light, sweet, fruity taste - a relief to have the smell match the taste!

I am very surprised at how much I've enjoyed some of these teas, the 'no tea leaves' ones. This is a tea I would like to have in my collection. Oh, I think this would be lovely cold as well! A great summery tea! Definitely one I would like to drink again!

Day 20

Packs a P…

AdvenTea Days 16-18: Spice, vanilla, or chocolate?

Day 16

Chevrons and a visible tea bag!

Chai, T2

I tried, I did try to drink a milkless chai. But I couldn't persist. It just wasn't right!

Much better! I added milk and a drop of honey.

Not sure how to describe this chai. Nothing surprising in terms of the flavour, an enjoyable chai. The spice smell I expected - and which I like!

I do prefer milk based chai drinks, and so I preferred Day 6's chai, but I would happily drink T2's chai again.

Day 17

Tissue paper! Something gentle to cherish?

Chamomile & Vanilla, Higher Living

I am a big fan of vanilla, and the tea bag had a lovely vanilla smell as I opened he packet. The back claimed it would be a hug in a mug, which made me smile, and hope for the best.

And it delivered! Nice cosy vanilla smell in the teacup, the kind of yellow colour I would expect from a chamomile tea, and it tasted delightfully of vanilla. I smiled the whole time I drank this cup of tea!

My favourite herbal tea from this AdvenTea adventure, and I d…

AdvenTea Days 13-15: Another weekend done and dusted!

Day 13

Blue tissue paper and music notes.

Cinnamon Orange with a Twist of Rooibos, Tetley

Thursday. Another flavoured rooibos - or a tea flavoured with rooibos?

Rather a cinnamon smell to the teabag, and the tea. The hot tea had a bit of an orange smell in addition. A nice reddish rooibos colour. From memory (it's been a week or so, I'm a bit behind in finishing these posts!) I added a drop of honey.

If I was in the mood for a rooibos tea, I'd consider this as an option. Not sure I'll buy it for my stash, but if someone were to offer it, sure! 

Day 14

Such a happy, colourful parcel!

Rose Lemonade Iced Tea, Lipton

Time to bring out the water bottle!

Friday night, when I opened this tea parcel, I read the information with surprise. Once I reached the instruction to add it to 500mL of water, I knew I would be leaving this for Saturday. And so, for the first time, I didn't drink the day's tea on the day I opened it. While I don't have a problem drinking iced tea…

AdvenTea Days 10-12: Green, red, black - what flag is that?

Day 10

A teacup! A paper teacup!

Gorgeous Geisha, T2

So, I am not a fan of green tea. It is not a tea I ever look for. I don't hate it, I just find it a bit bland. 
Gorgeous Geisha smells strongly of strawberry. Very strongly. Not fresh strawberry, but more like strawberry syrup, heading towards the smell I still as an adult associate with red medicine I had to take sometimes as a kid. Opening the packet, that was all I could smell! And the scent remained very strong in the teacup too, which doesn't always happen with scented or flavoured teas.
Taste? No discernible taste of strawberry. Not much taste of tea either, but that is something I expect with green tea. Smelling strawberry and tasting nothing much at all is an odd experience.
Would I drink it again? I'm not sure. Definitely not one I would buy, or look for. 

Day 11

Music! I'm really glad I don't have to play this piece, though!

Blood Orange, Red Seal (New Zealand)

Ooh, look at that colour! Very cool!
I don&…